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Last Updated: February 13th, 2017
Another fresh week and time to check out a new and fresh vintage erotica scene this fine day once more. We promised you something special, and here we are delivering on that, with a nice and juicy video for you to check out. Rest assured that we plan on bringing you some more like it in the future as well, but for now just take your time to enjoy this one. And as always, it has some kinky and sexy babes being just that and you get to have the exclusive preview here. Let’s get right to it and see it unfold as we bet that you can hardly wait. And we can promise that you won’t be disappointed with what you’ll get to watch here for the afternoon!

This video here, is sort of a vintageerotica compilation on the progression of porn. And you can see in it, lots of babes and studs having fun with one another across the years, from the early 20’s all the way to the glorious 80’s of the golden age of porn. So sit back, relax and treat your sight to some superb scenes with lots of pussy plowing and babes moaning loudly in pleasure for your viewing pleasure….well from the point that they added sound to the whole deal actually. Anyway, we hope you’ll enjoy this sex retrospective and we’ll be off. We have more scenes to prepare for your arrival next week. Have fun and check out the past updates as well!

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Vintage Erotica Solo Masturbation

Hey there guys and gals. Welcome back to some more new shows this week. In the past you have seen more babes getting to show off just how hot and kinky they can get by themselves, so we figured it was time to see another horny and lovely lady getting to show off to you. So this retro sex scene features another juicy and kinky solo masturbation session with a long haired blonde that gets to play on her front porch for the evening. So let’s get the show started and see this cutie pleasing herself hard style while the camera gets to catch every angle of her getting nasty for you. We bet you’re all eager to see the show unfold with her too!


As this amazing vintageerotica scene starts off, you get to see the babe making her way outside during this fine night wearing just hot and sexy lingerie. It’s okay, no one’s going to see or disturb her tonight as her house is on the edge of the city so she has all the privacy that she wants. See her making quick work of her bra to display her perky and perfect tits to you and then her panties to reveal her pussy as well. And as she starts to finger herself hard style you can see her spreading that nice and long pair of legs wide open so that you may all get a nice view. Do enjoy it and come back next week as usual for more, but also to see something quite special that we have in store for you!

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Vintage Blowjob

Well hello there yet again everyone. Welcome once more to a brand new and hot vintage erotica scene with some more juicy sex scenes and more juicy ladies eager to get kinky. Today we mix things up once again and you can see some more truly hot and sexy scenes on your screens with eager babes. And the mixing part is suppose to refer to the fact that today you get to watch a threesome instead of a couple. And it has two very beautiful babes getting to play with this lucky guy’s cock all afternoon long today. So let’s get to sit back and watch a superbly hot vintageerotica scene where we get to watch the cuties pleasing this stud for the whole scene!

As soon as the scene starts, you can see the babe shaving the guy to sit back and relax as he, as well as you, get to enjoy a strip session from them. Taking off their dresses, bras and panties and showing off just how much they enjoy teasing you all.But all that can’t last forever, so pretty soon, seeing as the guy was hard as a rock, you can get to watch the two lovely ladies getting to work on the dick with their juicy lips, performing one amazing double blowjob on camera. Make sure that you check the whole scene out as well as the babes take their time to make sure that they make the guy blow his load multiple times!


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Vintage Erotica – Sweet Sugar

Well hello there once more. It’s time to see some more vintage erotica action unfolding with some more lovely and eager ladies that get to have their fun on camera. Today’s babe that gets all the action is nicknamed Sugar and it’s quite the fitting name for her as she’s the sweetest babe around. You don’t have to take our word for it, just check her out in her won scene today and watch why she gets called that to begin with. Here’s a nice hint. She’s really really good in bed and with her mouth and hands. But don’t worry, as in this vintagerotica scene with her, you get to see her going all out and show off why she deserves her nickname!


You can bet that the beauty had no issue finding a guy to play with as she’s got her way of charming studs to her room. And once she has gotten this stud all the way there, you can check her out going straight to work. Watch and enjoy the sight of this cutie wrapping her juicy lips around some man meat today and take your time to see her preparing his cock for her sweet pussy with an unforgettable blowjob this afternoon. And she doesn’t stop there either. After some good fucking, you can see her having the guy blow his load all over her face and she adores every single second of it too. Take your time to enjoy the scene and we’ll be back again soon with more!

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Swedish Dish

Welcome back to some more new shows today everyone. The vintage erotica scene that you get to see today is quite nice to say the least as it has one superbly sexy babe in it. And befitting of the title, she’s Swedish too. And she has long blonde hair, blue eyes and quite the dreamy body. So naturally, when she decided to have a dip in the pool and then tease her man, there was no other outcome to this whole thing other than a nice and passionate poolside fuck. So let’s just take our time to see this Swedish beauty as she gets to have a hard pussy plowing this afternoon in her very own vintageerotica scene shall we?

The show beings with her like we said on the pool side with the lucky guy. And soon she takes off her bra to put on display a nice pair of perky and round breasts that sure take the attention of the guy. Then she goes for a swim and when she comes out, she starts to play and tease with the guy. Check them out eventually starting to fuck as the blonde beauty gets to climb on top of the stud and slides his thick meat nice and deep in her eager pussy. See her riding that cock all afternoon long after her titty show and enjoy the view of it. We’ll be back as always soon, with much more new and fresh scenes for you to check out just like usual!


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Vintage Erotica Rub A Tub

Another fresh week and it’s to check out a brand new and fresh vintage erotica scene once again. As you know, the site right here deals with bringing you some truly incredible and hot little ladies that get naughty every single week and to be honest, we don’t intend to stop anytime soon either. This week we’re bringing you a scene featuring one busty beauty that gets to play all by herself and she sure takes her time to enjoy it too. She gets to have some solo action with herself and you get to check it all out in her very lovely and very hot vintageerotica scene for the afternoon. So let’s just get the cameras rolling and watch her getting nasty!


Well, as you can clearly see, this mature babe was enjoying herself with a bubble bath and she was going to take her sweet time with it too. But it looked like she was starting to get a tad horny, so since she was all alone and in the mood, she decided that she might as well get kinky. Also watch her playing with her big round tits as well as she just adores fondling them. But anyway, see her slide one hand under the water and watch as this gorgeous mature babe stars to masturbate as she moans gently in pleasure. It’s a great scene with a great babe and we bet you’ll love it as well. Have fun with the whole thing and see you all next week with a new scene!

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Golden Girls

Welcome to this week’s new and juicy vintage erotica scene everyone. As always, you can find a incredible show to behold with guys and gals from the old days having fun on camera for you. Today’s scene is quite special as you get to see some sizzling hot girl on girl action for the whole duration of this scene. So yes, today you can see a simply incredible lesbian scene with two hot babes that can rock your world and we bet they will once the cameras get rolling on their scene. So let’s just take the time to enjoy a nice and juicy vintageerotica scene with some all hot and all incredible lovely ladies that get to play with one another for your viewing pleasure!

The cameras begin to roll and the two make their entry to the room and get on the bed. As you can see, one of the babes is black and the other is white, so technically this is an interracial scene too. Anyway, the two babes are both sporting some superbly sexy lingerie and we’re sure that you agree on the fact that they look simply stunning too. See them starting to caress and kiss one another as they start to undress each other too and eventually they get to be all naked. Watch as they get around to finger one another and make each other orgasm as well by the end of this hot gallery. We’ll be seeing you all again next week so stay tuned for more new scenes!


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Vintage Erotica Fairest Of Them

Today’s new and hot vintage erotica scene is here for you to check out and see and you can get to enjoy quite the show. This week we have another new babe that gets to play naughty in a vintage sex scene and you get prime access to it only here on this site. And this gallery will feature a hot and horny housewife that gets to have some fun with a fine black stud. She was always curious to see if they have big and thick black cocks and this afternoon she’s going to be finding that out all for herself. Anyway, let’s just get her show going and watch a vintageerotica scene with lots and lots of hot interracial fucking. We bet you’ll adore it!


Also this hot housewife in question is quite the hot looking MILF and rest assured that she knows it. So in her little scene where she gets to get all the black meat that she could want, take your time to see her putting on a naughty strip show and showing off her gorgeous curves and a set of lingerie too. Then she gets to take her time sucking the guy’s big black cock and she gets her pussy eaten by him as well. And after all that juicy foreplay, you can sit back and watch this cute babe getting her pussy pounded balls deep by the black cock. Have fun with it and do come back again next week for even more great and amazing classic sex scenes!

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Cherry’s Tits

Hey there again everyone. We’re back with another new and hot vintage erotica scene for you and we know you’ll love it. Today you get to see a gorgeous babe showing off her body by the poolside in her classy swimsuit and you can bet that things get to turn out kinky by the end. It’s not like the hottie would keep on her outfit for long while she got naughty on camera. Her name is Cherry and it fits quite nicely with her looks as she’s quite sweet and adorable. So let’s get to see some amazing images with this absolutely wonderful woman in her very own hot and sexy vintageerotica scene this afternoon, shall we? We know you’re eager to check it out too!

As the cameras begin to roll, you get to watch the cute and lovely Cherry making her entry and starting to show off that gorgeous body of hers without delay. Sit back and enjoy the sight of this amazing woman as she gets around to parade her body in that tight and sexy black swimsuit. Then you can see her taking her spot on the pool side after getting wet as well and she eagerly puts on display her big round tits first, as she pulls the swimsuit off. So check out the nice and hot scene with her today without delay if you want to see some gorgeous tits shown off on camera for you. We hope that you’ll have fun and we’ll bring you some more new scenes next week!


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Vintage Erotica Blowjob

Hey there guys. Here we are with a band new vintage erotica scene for you to see and check out and we know you’ll enjoy the sight of this for sure. Why? Well you all just adored last week’s babe getting kinky and naughty with a guy and his fat cock, so we decided to have another classy little lady show off how cock sucking techniques were performed in the past. So yes, today, we get to check out another new and fresh oral session with another beauty that gets to perform some vintageerotica action for you all to see. So let’s not delay this juicy scene as we bet that you are all eager to check out and see this cutie at play without delay!


It’s not sure where this cute chick got to pick up the guy, but be sure that there was no way that a lovely hottie like her would be denied something. So naturally, since she wanted to have some cock, the guy was more than happy to let her have it. So the scene takes place at her won place where she and the guy get to have their fun, and you can see her starting to work on that big dick of his with her juicy lips. Enjoy the sight of another classic beauty as she gets to suck and deep throat a nice and big cock and have fun with the show. We will be back next week and we’ll have even more all new and all fresh galleries for you to see and check out. Bye bye!

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